Over the past decade, investors from all corners of the world have been making their way to the countries of Southern Africa, looking to benefit from the tremendous economic growth that has swept the region. This growth was accelerated in recent years, partly due to the economic boom created by the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.


One of the most promising sectors has proven to be real estate. However, as in all countries, real estate can be a complicated and risky venture. Setacea Investments boasts a team of highly trained property experts, providing foreign investors with the knowledge needed to make sound investments, whether they are in the residential, commercial or industrial segments.


In addition to assisting clients with locating potential investment opportunities and closing deals, Setacea Investments provides a collection of services that aid clients in achieving financing and managing property once the deal is done. Setacea Investments also works with large international conglomerates looking to establish a presence in Southern Africa.



Setacea Investments is led by an experienced and dedicated management team that boasts years of experience in providing a complete and comprehensive service to foreign investors in the property markets of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Many of the services provided to our clients are designed to be similar to those provided by international private banks, with an emphasis on a high level of individual attention. The real estate professionals on Setacea Investments's staff are selected because they understand the need to provide expert real estate advice to sophisticated institutional and high net worth individual investors globally. This fundamental approach has successfully attracted investors from around the world, enabling Setacea Investments to carry out transactions on behalf of our clients totaling in the billions of South African Rand since the formation of the company.

With the intent of providing the most personalized, experience-rich service possible, Setacea Investments' superb management team are divided into: