Our approach

Setacea Investments employs an entrepreneurial investment strategy that has been successfully executed over the past several years. This strategy is designed to consistently achieve for Setacea Investments 's clients attractive risk-adjusted returns, maximizing value through intensive post-acquisition management.


Three themes define this strategic approach:

  1. Cautious contrarianism during downturns or secular changes, investing in out-of- favor sectors or markets to exploit capital misalignments.
  2. Exploitation of inefficiencies, capitalizing on information exchanges to indentify micro-market imbalanced and secure investments on favorable terms.
  3. Value-added management to optimal exits, creating capital appreciation opportunities through repositioning, restructuring, development and intensive management.


How We Select Properties

Setacea Investments provides investors with lucrative real estate opportunities that feature different property types: residential, commercial and industrial.

Many firms engaged in property investment recommend every property that is presented, regardless of whether they will make the best investment for purchasers. Setacea Investments is and has always been different. Setacea Investments rejects most properties it analyses because most do not meet is strict selection criteria.

Every Setacea Investments approved property has been through an intense due diligence process to ensure that investors have all the information they need to make critical investment decision without the need to travel across the region and waste a lot of unnecessary time and energy.

Setacea Investments researches many aspects including the developer (new properties), location, design, construction process and sales of comparable properties. Our research team collects and monitors information from reputable sources, including local governments, regional and national government authorities, public records, private research companies (that track growth and history), media archives and extensive local knowledge networks.